Horseback Riding & Animal Center

Horseback Riding & Animal Center

Pinat Chai Animal Center

Pinat Chai is where we teach about animal husbandry, the relationship animals have with kashrut, general animal care, and about animal connections in the Torah. We do this through hands-on interaction with our animals: horses, ponies, donkeys, goats, sheep, alpacas, chickens,and  tortoises.

Animal Center Programs:

  • Animals in the Torah: Study animals that are discussed in the Torah and learn why they are important to us today.
  • Animals and Kashrut: What does it mean to be kosher? What animals fall under kosher law?
  • Animal Husbandry: Learn about how to care for you animals according to Jewish law.
  • The Shofar: From the basic to the exotic, they come from animals- sample various shofrot while learning about the animals they come from, what makes it kosher, and the Torah connections

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Horseback Riding

Voted the “Best in Los Angeles” by Los Angeles Magazine, the Connemara Ranch now located at the Shalom Institute offers many unique horse programs and activities as well as breathtaking trail rides with instruction.

Hour and a half trail rides with instruction range in price from $75.00-$120.00 based on group or private rates.

Maximum number of riders is 8. No experience is necessary. Advanced riders are encouraged to book private rides to accommodate a faster ride.

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To book your ride or for more info, please contact Talley Hutcherson at or call 619-518-5828.