Board of Directors

Shalom Institute board members share the common goal of fulfilling our mission and guide the overall philosophy and direction of the Institute. They all bring broad vision and experience to this important task.

Board of Directors 2016-17

Adam Weiss

Gil Breakman
Vice-President, Treasurer

Larry Cohen

Douglas Adler

Kena Efraim

Gayle Goldman

Natalie Gerber

Natalie Goldberg

Mick Horwitz*

Jacob Knobel

Sol Lipman

Ari Moss*

Dennis Moss

Clive Segil

Andrea Spatz*

David Speiser

Sylvia Martin Stone

Earnest Tepman

David Thorpe


Directors Emeriti

Rae Finegood

Art Friedman*

Adam D. H. Grant*

Maury Hart*


*Past President