Jewish Education

Let us meet your Jewish educational goals for your students, campers, educators, or families. Shalom Institute is a leading year-round experiential Jewish education center that provides impactful life changing Jewish experiences.

Why experiential Jewish education? Because it works! Experiential Jewish education is 
transforming the landscape of 
Jewish education and Jewish
 identity. Experiential Jewish education is the infusion of deliberate Jewish content into meaningful, engaging and fun Jewish experiences that promote the formation of Jewish identity.

The philosophy behind experiential Jewish education maintains that purposeful Jewish living is centered on powerful learning experiences that enable participants to embark on personal journeys of self-discovery guided by Jewish tradition and values. From teaching about bal taschit (not wasting) while making a smoothie on the “Jamba Jews” bike blender in the garden or learning about tza’ar ba’alei chayim (ethical treatment of animals) in the animal center, experiential Jewish education brings lessons to life and has become one of the most powerful vehicles for conveying the depth and richness of Jewish life.

At the Shalom Institute, we experience Judaism everywhere…on the farm, in the Israel garden, in the animal center, at the ropes course, on a hike, in the sports field, in the dining hall, in a cabin…all in a fun, interactive way.

Please contact Allison David at (818) 889-5500 ext. 113 or to plan your retreat or for more information.