Vision & Mission

purple sunset sky.

Our Vision

               Enriching Jewish life, ensuring the Jewish future, and making the world a better place.

Our Mission

We facilitate transformative experiences grounded in Jewish values that foster community, cultivate leadership, inspire social action, nurture Jewish tradition and culture, and instill a responsibility for the environment.

Foster community

We create an accessible and accommodating environment for all backgrounds, abilities, and walks of life to develop deep relationships and grow physically and emotionally.

four friends hugging and smiling.

Cultivate leadership

We develop a culture of advocacy that encourages taking action, leading by example, and inspiring others to get involved in the community.

camp counselor giving a boy a piggyback ride with another boy in front smiling.

Inspire social action

We encourage constant evolution, adaptation, and risk-taking to meet our world’s ever-changing needs and teach people how to contribute to those needs.

group of teens holding end hunger signs indoors.

Nurture Jewish tradition

With a sense of joy, humor, and playfulness, we create experiences grounded in Jewish values that honor past traditions while aspiring toward a better future.

large group of teens in white sitting on benches and hanging on eachothers shoulders.

Instill a responsibility for the environment

We foster a sense of awe in, responsibility for, and appreciation of the earth. Through outdoor experiential education, we aim to leave a lasting environmental impact.

People feeling plants.

Shabbat Shalom sign.

a positive Jewish living experience

Build lifelong meaningful relationships