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Becca Bodenstein

Chief Sustainability Officer

Becca Bodenstein is the Chief Sustainability Officer for the Shalom Institute and Farm Manager for Shemesh Farms. She has loved learning about nature and the environment for as long as she can remember. But her passions were truly ignited when she worked as the Assistant Director of Camp JCA Shalom in the early 2000s and learned about growing plants for food, medicine and how plants can teach about culture and kindness to people of all ages and abilities. Now, in this new role, Becca is thrilled to return home to Shalom Institute post Woolsey Fire to focus on the environmental sustainability practices of all Shalom Institute programs, operations and rebuild efforts. Becca earned degrees in political science and environmental studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Master’s in experiential education from the American Jewish University. Becca’s greatest growing endeavor so far has been her family with husband Adam and their 7 year-old twins.

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