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David Starkopf

Operations Director

David Starkopf grew up spending summers at Camp JCA Shalom, first as an Alufim camper in 1998, then as a TASCer, Chalutznic, a CIT, a Counselor, Photography Specialist, and Unit Head. During the year, between summers, David worked as a Hebrew school teacher and Youth Director at Beth Shir Sholom in Santa Monica. In 2011 David became the Photographer for the Mayor Of Los Angeles.  After some time in the Mayor’s administration, David and three friends who met at Camp JCA founded the San Fernando Valley Moishe House, a place that provides meaningful Jewish experiences to young adults in their 20s, from Shabbat dinners to building a sukkah on Sukkot. After the Mayor was termed out, David happily found his way back to the Shalom Institute to work on the year-round staff.

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